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July 1, 2013


Jay appeared on the "Ask A...." Segment which the topic for this Wednesday was: Ask a Ghost Hunter on The Tom & Lisa Morning Show 95.1 FM on October 21, 2009. Click here to listen to the audio segment.


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               The Mothership 06.14.09                          The Mothership 07.26.09





Investigation of the La Crosse, WI drownings.

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Onalaska, Wisconsin - September 6, 2014



Chicago, IL - October 6, 2012


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"Underground Lake Geneva" takes Philip Sassano and his crew to one of the most haunted sites in all of Wisconsin - St. Kilian's Cemetery in Lake Geneva. There the inquisitive bunch meet-up with renowned paranormal team The Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators to mix science with a quest to discover the unknown and peppered with a busload of bravery to see if the hauntings are indeed true. Sit-back and see how far the guys can take you into the dark world of the paranormal...






Jay appears on WISN 12 Milwaukee,

WI News

at 10PM on June 7, 2009







~ Eagle Waters Halloween Spectacular ~




Eagle Waters Resort, Eagle River, WI




Eagle Waters Resort, Eagle River, WI




~ ScareFest IV ~


Lexington Convention Center, Lexington, KY




~ The Paranormal Experience ~



IL Beach Resort, Zion, IL

10.28.11, 1.28.12, 3.16.12




Chicago Ghost Conference III


The Portage Theater, Chicago, IL





The Rhode Experience


The Rhode Opera House, Kenosha, WI




ZombieCon X


Wyndham Milwaukee Airport Hotel, Milwaukee, WI






            PUBLIC SPEAKING            


Antioch Community High School


Antioch, IL





The Woman's Auxiliary of Condell


Wild Fire, Lincolnshire, IL






 Christopher Balzano

Do you want physical evidence of the existence of ghosts but aren't sure of the best way to get it? "Picture Yourself Capturing Ghosts on Film: Step-by-Step Instruction for Documenting the Paranormal with Photography and Video" is a beginner's guide to securing photo evidence of the paranormal. Many people use pictures and video as a foundation for their paranormal investigation, but they aren't sure how to use their camera to get the best pictures, or evaluate them once they are taken. This book guides aspiring ghost hunters like you through the entire process of capturing ghosts on film, including history and perspective on the practice, how to choose the right camera, how the camera works, and how to use the camera in the field. After the ghostly images are taken, "Picture Yourself Capturing Ghosts on Film" guides you on how to evaluate the images and share them with others. This book even includes a DVD that allows you to see trained investigators gathering evidence and the evaluation process, and interviews with experts in the field. Featuring simple instructions and a colorful layout full of pictures and illustrations, "Picture Yourself Capturing Ghosts on Film" is your guide to getting hard evidence of the existence of ghosts.  Featuring Wisconsin Paranormal Investigator's Lead & Tech Manager Allen Dunski, Jr.






Media Alert: Tribute 2007-2010

Our mission to Hunt the Truth was never intended for 'fame' and still DOESN'T 'til this day. However, we still have fun with educating people on how we 'Hunt the Truth'.

This video was created by Chum Bucket Studios as a tribute to WPI through the years (2007-2010).

MS Bike Run "Tour de Farms"

Jay, Katie, Allen, Jackie & Freddy volunteer for the MS Bike Run Event in Dekalb, IL on June 12th & 13th 2010.  We weren't out hunting the truth ...but we were helping a great cause.


This MS Bike Run tribute video was created by Chum Bucket Studios.


MAY 20, 2010

WPI gets down & dirty and volunteer to clean the historic Rhode Opera House (The Home of the Lakeside Players) in Kenosha, WI. Of course while we help each year, we do keep our eyes and ears open for the unexpected sounds from the rafters.


MARCH 28, 2010